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General pricing guide

It's really difficult to do this in the absence of an actual brief, since all cakes are different and they take different amounts of time and skill to create. I price according to the number and size of tiers, as well as the ornateness of the design, since that's what take up most of the construction time.

That being said, I am not cheap.

In general, you can assume around £100 - £150 per tier, depending on the size of the tiers. Really ornate decoration involving carving etc. can drive the per-tier price up as it takes back-breaking, soul-destroying ages to do it as well as I do.

The price does not include delivery, for which I typcially charge £1 per mile, one way (I live in Todmorden, West Yorkshire) but if your event is very far away, I sometimes bring the price down depending on whether I fancy visiting the area. I particularly like going to Scotland.

Sugar sculptures and cake toppers are priced individually according to the design. They are all entirely edible, but will also keep in a cool, dry place indefinitely.

Other Notes

If you are getting married somewhere outside the UK and you really want a gracecake, I have been known to fly to other places to create cakes. So far I've done Ireland, the United States and Uganda. Please inquire if you're interested.

GraceCakes are all individual and custom designed; I never repeat a design exactly. You will never have seen one like it before and you will never see one like it again. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in copying other people's designs. If you have a photo you'd like your cake based on, there is a whole world full of cake decorators who will be happy to do that, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them. Very best of luck with your event, though, I hope it goes swimmingly!